DISABLE_B162428_XA_FIX configuration parameter

Use the DISABLE_B162428_XA_FIX configuration parameter to specify when transactions are freed.

onconfig.std value
Not in the onconfig.std file.
0 = (Default) Frees transactions only when an xa_rollback is called.

1 = Frees transactions if transaction rollback for other than an xa_rollback.

takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.


Set DISABLE_B162428_XA_FIX to 1 to immediately free all global transactions after a transaction rollback, which is the default for HCL Informix® 9.40 and earlier versions. The default behavior for Informix 10.0 is to free global transactions after an xa_rollback is called, and this behavior is required to confirm to the XA state table that a transaction can be freed only after xa_rollback is called. Setting DISABLE_B162428_XA_FIX to 1 ensures that applications written for the earlier version of Informix work properly.

You can override the DISABLE_B162428_XA_FIX configuration parameter for a client session with the IFX_XASTDCOMPLIANCE_XAEND environment variable. Setting IFX_XASTDCOMPLIANCE_XAEND to 1 will free transactions only when an xa_rollback is called. Setting IFX_XASTDCOMPLIANCE_XAEND to 0 will free transactions if the transaction rollback is for other than an xa_rollback.

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