DS_HASHSIZE configuration parameter

Use the DS_HASHSIZE configuration parameter to specify the number of hash buckets in the data-distribution cache and other caches. The database server stores and accesses column statistics that the UPDATE STATISTICS statement generates in the MEDIUM or HIGH mode in the data-distribution cache.

onconfig.std value
Any positive integer; a prime number is recommended
Number of hash buckets or lists
takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.


Update the value of the DS_HASHSIZE and the DS_POOLSIZE configuration parameter to improve the performance of frequently used queries in a multiuser environment.

The DS_HASHSIZE configuration parameter sets the number of hash buckets for the following caches:

  • Data-distribution cache
  • Extend type name cache
  • Extended type ID cache
  • Cast cache
  • Operator class instance cache
  • Routine resolution cache
  • Aggregate cache
  • Secondary transient cache

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