EXT_DIRECTIVES configuration parameter

Use the EXT_DIRECTIVES configuration parameter to enable or disable the use of external query optimizer directives.

onconfig.std value
0 (default) = Off. The directive cannot be enabled even if IFX_EXTDIRECTIVES is on.

1 = On. The directive can be enabled for a session if IFX_EXTDIRECTIVES is on.

2 = On. The directive can be used even if IFX_EXTDIRECTIVES is not set.

takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.


Enable external directives by using the EXT_DIRECTIVES configuration parameter in combination with the client-side IFX_EXTDIRECTIVES environment variable as follows:

The setting of the IFX_EXTDIRECTIVES environment variable overrides the setting of the EXT_DIRECTIVES configuration parameter. If you do not set the IFX_EXTDIRECTIVES environment variable, all sessions for a client inherit the database server configuration for processing external directives.

The setting specified by the SET ENVIRONMENT EXTDIRECTIVES statement of SQL overrides (for the current user session only) the settings of both the IFX_EXTDIRECTIVES environment variable and of the EXT_DIRECTIVES configuration parameter.

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