HETERO_COMMIT configuration parameter

Use the HETERO_COMMIT configuration parameter to control whether the database server participates in heterogeneous commit transactions.

onconfig.std value
1 = Enable heterogeneous commit.

0 = Disable heterogeneous commit.

takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.


The HETERO_COMMIT configuration parameter specifies whether or not the database server is prepared to participate with HCL Informix® Gateway products in heterogeneous commit transactions. Setting HETERO_COMMIT to 1 allows a single transaction to update one non-Informix database (accessed with any of the Gateway products) and one or more Informix databases.

If HETERO_COMMIT is 0, a single transaction can update databases as follows:
  • One or more Informix databases and no non-Informix databases
  • One non-Informix database and no Informix databases

You can read data from any number of Informix and non-Informix databases, regardless of the setting of HETERO_COMMIT.

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