ON_RECVRY_THREADS configuration parameter

The ON_RECVRY_THREADS configuration parameter is the maximum number of recovery threads that the database server uses for logical recovery when the database server is online (during a warm restore).

onconfig.std value
Positive integers
Number of recovery threads that run in parallel
takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.
refer to
  • IBM® Informix Backup and Restore Guide
  • HCL Informix Performance Guide


You can tune ON_RECVRY_THREADS to the number of tables that are likely to be recovered, because the logical-log records that are processed during recovery are assigned threads by table number. The maximum degree of parallel processing occurs when the number of recovery threads matches the number of tables being recovered.

To improve the performance of warm restores, increase the number of fast-recovery threads with the ON_RECVRY_THREADS parameter.

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