Database Server Behavior When ONDBSPACEDOWN Does Not Apply

The database server will not come online if a chunk within any critical dbspace (for example, rootdbs or logsdbs) is missing.

The value of ONDBSPACEDOWN has no effect on temporary dbspaces. For temporary dbspaces, the database server continues processing regardless of the ONDBSPACEDOWN setting. If a temporary dbspace requires fixing, you should drop and recreate it.

For a non-primary chunk within a noncritical dbspace, the behavior of the database server depends on the transaction status of the chunk when the disabling event occurs:

  • No transaction: If no transactions are detected against that chunk, the chunk is individually marked as down. In this case, subsequent attempts to write to that chunk fail, rolling back the associated transaction. You can safely put the chunk back and then use the onspaces -s utility to mark the chunk as back online.
  • Transaction detected: If there are transactions to roll forward or back, then the database server aborts with an appropriate fast recovery error. In this case, you should put the chunk back and restart the database server.

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