SHMNOACCESS configuration parameter

The SHMNOACCESS configuration parameter specifies a virtual memory address range to not use to attach shared memory.

onconfig.std values
On UNIX: None

On Windows: #SHMNOACCESS 0x70000000-0x7FFFFFFF, and this value is commented out in the onconfig.std template file.

1 - 10 address ranges
takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.


The SHMNOACCESS configuration parameter is used to avoid specific range process addresses, which in turn avoids conflicts with operating system libraries.

Each address in each range must start in hexadecimal format. Each address in a range must be separated by a hyphen and each range must be separated by a comma, as the following example shows:
SHMNOACCESS 0x70000000-0x75000000,

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