STORAGE_FULL_ALARM configuration parameter

Use the STORAGE_FULL_ALARM configuration parameter to configure the frequency and severity of messages and alarms when storage spaces become full.

onconfig.std value
seconds = 0 (off) or a positive integer indicating the number of seconds between notifications.

severity_level = 0 (no alarms) or 1 - 5

takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.


When a storage space, such as a dbspace, sbspace, blobspace, or tblspace, or a partition becomes full, an alarm is raised and a message is sent to the online message log. You can specify the number of seconds between notifications with the first value of this parameter. You can specify the lowest severity for event alarms to be returned. Setting a specific severity prevents events that have a lower severity from being raised. But events that have the same or greater severity as the severity specified are raised. You can prevent alarms when storage spaces become full by setting this parameter to 0.

Regardless of the value of STORAGE_FULL_ALARM, messages are sent to the online message log when storage spaces or partitions become full.

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