USEOSTIME configuration parameter

Use the USEOTIME configuration parameter to control whether the database server uses subsecond precision when obtaining the current time from the operating system.

onconfig.std value
0 = Off

1 = On

takes effect
During initialization
refer to
  • Your HCL Informix Performance Guide
  • Using the CURRENT function to return a datetime value, in the IBM Informix Guide to SQL: Syntax


Setting USEOSTIME to 1 specifies that the database server is to use subsecond precision when it obtains the current time from the operating system for SQL statements. The following example shows subseconds in a datetime value:
2001-09-29 12:50:04.612

If subsecond precision is not needed, the database server retrieves the current time from the operating system once per second, making the precision of time for client applications one second. If you set USEOSTIME to 0, the current function returns a zero (.000) for the year to fraction field.

When the host computer for the database server has a clock with subsecond precision, applications that depend on subsecond accuracy for their SQL statements should set USEOSTIME to 1.

Systems that run with USEOSTIME set to nonzero notice a performance degradation of up to 4 to 5 percent compared to running with USEOSTIME turned off.

This setting does not affect any calls regarding the time from application programs to Informix® embedded-language library functions.

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