The buildsmi Script

When you bring the database server up for the first time, it runs a script called buildsmi, which is in the etc directory. This script builds the database and tables that support SMI. The database server requires approximately 1750 free pages of logical-log space to build the sysmaster database.

If you receive an error message that directs you to run the buildsmi script, a problem probably occurred while the database server was building the SMI database, tables, and views. When you use buildsmi, the existing sysmaster database is dropped and then re-created.

This script must be run as user informix on UNIX, or as a member of the Informix-Admin group on Windows, after ensuring that no connections to the sysmaster database are made during the build of the database. For example, if a Scheduler task is running when the buildsmi script commences, the script fails when the Scheduler attempts to access any of the sysmaster tables.

Errors issued while the buildsmi script runs are written (on UNIX) to the file /tmp/buildsmi.out, or on Windows to the file %INFORMIXDIR%\etc\buildsmi_out.%INFORMIXSERVER%, where %INFORMIXSERVER% is the name of the Informix® instance.

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