Accessing SMI tables

Any user can use SQL SELECT statements to query an SMI table, but standard users cannot run statements other than the SELECT statement. Users who attempt to run other statements result in permission errors. The administrator can run SQL statements other than SELECT, but the results of such statements are unpredictable.

Tip: For more predictable results, query the views that are associated with each table instead of querying the tables directly.

If you query the systabpaghdrs table directly, you must specify an appropriate value for the pg_partnum parameter. The value is pg_partnum > 1048576. However, if you query the view that is associated with the systabpaghdrs table, you do not have to specify this value for the pg_partnum parameter.

Informix® includes the sysadtinfo and sysaudit tables. Only the user informix on UNIX or members of the Informix-Admin group on Windows can query the sysadtinfo and sysaudit tables.

You cannot use the dbschema or dbexport utilities on any of the tables in the sysmaster database. If you do, the database server generates the following error message:
Database has pseudo tables - can't build schema

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