The syscmsm table is a view of the syscmsmtab and syscmsmsla tables. It contains Connection Manager service level agreement (SLA) information. The table is updated one time every five seconds.
Table 1. syscmsm table information
Column Type Description
sid integer Connection Manager session ID
name char(128) Connection Manager name
host char(256) Host name
unit char(128) Unit name
type char(128) Unit type
servers char(1024) Unit servers
foc char(128) Failover configuration (FOC)
flag integer Arbitrator flag. A value of 1 indicates that the Connection Manager Arbitrator is active. A value of 0 indicates that the Arbitrator is inactive.
sla_name char(128) SLA name
sla_define char(128) SLA definition
connections integer Number of connections that are made through Connection Manager

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