The sysdatabases view describes each database that the database server manages.
Table 1. sysdatabases view information
Column Type Description
name char(128) Database name
partnum integer The partition number (tblspace identifier) for the systables table for the database
owner char(32) User ID of the creator of the database
created date Date created
is_logging integer 1 If logging is active, 0 if not
is_buff_log integer 1 If buffered logging, 0 if not
is_ansi integer 1 If ANSI/ISO-compliant, 0 if not
is_nls integer 1 If GLS-enabled, 0 if not
is_case_insens integer 1 If case-insensitive for NCHAR and NVARCHAR columns, 0 if not
flags smallint Logging flags (hex values)
0 No logging
1 Unbuffered logging
2 Buffered logging
4 ANSI/ISO-compliant database
8 Read-only database
10 GLS database
20 Checking of the logging mode of syscdr database bypassed
100 Changed status to buffered logging
200 Changed status to unbuffered logging
400 Changed status to ANSI/ISO compliant
800 Database logging turned off
1000 Long ID support enabled

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