The syslogs table provides information about space use in logical-log files. In the flags column, each bit position represents a separate flag. For example, for a log file, the flags column can have flags set for both current log file and temporary log file. Thus, it might be easier to read values in the flags column if the values are returned using the HEX function.
Table 1. syslogs table information
Column Type Description
number smallint Logical-log file number
uniqid integer Log-file ID
size integer Number of pages in the log file
used integer Number of pages used in the log file
is_used integer 1 If file is used, 0 if not
is_current integer 1 If file is the current file, 0 if not
is_backed_up integer 1 If file has been backed up, 0 if not
is_new integer 1 If the log has been added since the last level-0 dbspace backup, 0 if not
is_archived integer 1 If file has been placed on the backup tape, 0 if not
is_temp integer 1 If the file is flagged as a temporary log file, 0 if not
flags smallint Flags Hexadecimal Meaning
1 0x01 Log file is in use
2 0x02 File is current log file
4 0x04 Log file has been backed up
8 0x08 File is newly added log file
16 0x10 Log file has been written to dbspace backup media
32 0x20 Log is a temporary log file

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