The sysmgminfo table provides an overview of the Memory Grant Manager (MGM) and Parallel Data Query (PDQ) information.
Table 1. sysmgminfo table information
Column Type Description
max_query integer Maximum number of active queries allowed
total_mem integer Total MGM memory
avail_mem integer Free MGM memory
total_seq integer Total number of sequential scans
avail_seq integer Unused sequential scans
active integer Number of active MGM queries
ready integer Number of ready MGM queries
min_free_mem integer Minimum free MGM memory
avg_free_mem float Average free MGM memory
std_free_mem float Standard free MGM memory
min_free_seq integer Minimum free MGM sequential scans
avg_free_seq float Average free MGM sequential scans
std_free seq float Standard free MGM sequential scans
max_active integer Maximum active MGM SQL operations
cnt_active integer Number of active MGM SQL operations
avg_active float Average active MGM SQL operations
std_active float Standard active MGM SQL operations
max_ready integer Maximum ready MGM SQL operations
cnt_ready integer Number of ready MGM SQL operations
avg_ready float Average ready MGM SQL operations
std_ready float Standard ready MGM SQL operations

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