sysnetworkio table

The sysnetworkio table contains information about the system network.

Column Type Description
net_id integer Netscb id
sid integer Session id
net_netscb int8 Netscb prt
net_client_type integer Client type Int
net_client_name char(12) Client protocol name
net_read_cnt int8 Number of network reads
net_write_cnt int8 Number of network writes
net_open_time integer Time this session connected
net_last_read integer Time of the last read from the network
net_last_write integer Time of the last write from the network
net_stage integer Connect / Disconnect / Receive
net_options integer Options from sqlhosts
net_protocol integer Protocol
net_type char(10) Type of network protocol
net_server_fd integer Server fd
net_poll_thread integer Poll thread

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