The sysproxydistributors table contains information about the proxy distributors.

On the primary server, this table contains information about all of the proxy distributors in a high-availability cluster. On a secondary server, this table contains information about only those proxy distributors that are assigned to process updates to the secondary server.
Column Type Description
node_name char Name of the secondary server as it is known by the primary server (for example, INFORMIXSERVER, HA_ALIAS, and so on).
proxy_id integer ID of the proxy distributor. These IDs are unique within a high-availability cluster.
transaction_count integer Number of transactions currently being processed by the proxy distributor.
hot_row_total integer Total number of hot rows ever handled by the proxy distributor. A hot row is a row on a secondary server that is updated multiple times by more than one client. When a row is updated multiple times, the secondary server reads the before image from the primary server by placing an update lock on the row if the most recent update operation from a different session is not replayed on the secondary server.

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