sysproxytxnops table

The sysproxytxnops table contains information about each of the transactions that are running through each proxy distributor.

On the primary server, this table contains information about all of the proxy distributors in the high-availability cluster. On a secondary server, this table only contains information about the proxy distributors used to process updates to the secondary server.

The following table provides information about the columns in the sysproxytxnops table:
Column Type Description
proxy_id integer ID of the proxy distributor. These IDs are unique within a high-availability cluster.
proxy_txn_id integer Number of the transaction. These numbers are unique to the proxy distributor.
sequence_number integer The number of the operation.
operation_type char(10) The type of operation to be performed; Insert, Update, Delete, or Other.
rowidn integer The ID of the row on which to apply the operation.
table char The full table name, trimmed to fit a reasonable length. Format: database:owner.tablename
sqlerrno integer Error number of any SQL error (or 0 on success)

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