The sysadmin Database

The sysadmin database contains the tables that contain and organize the Scheduler tasks and sensors, store data collected by sensors, and record the results of Scheduler jobs and SQL administration API functions.

By default, only user informix is granted access to the sysadmin database; other users can be granted access to the sysadmin database.

Do not drop or alter the sysadmin database because it is used by several important database server components. You can, however, move the sysadmin database from its default root dbspace location if the root dbspace does not have enough space for storing task properties and command history information. To move the sysadmin database, use the SQL administration API admin() or task() function with the reset sysadmin argument.

Important: Moving the sysadmin database resets the database back to the original state when it was first created; all data, command history, and results tables are lost. Only built-in tasks, sensor, and thresholds remain in the sysadmin tables.

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