The ph_run Table

The ph_run table contains information about how and when each Scheduler task or sensor ran.

Table 1. The ph_run table
Column Type Description
run_id serial Sequential ID generated during execution.

System updated; do not modify.

run_task_id integer The job ID.

Referenced from the tk_id column of the ph_task table.

run_task_seq integer Unique sequence number of the task or sensor.

Referenced from the tk_sequence column of the ph_task table.

run_retcode integer The return code from a stored procedure function or a user-defined routine, or the SQLCode from SQL statements.
run_time datetime year to second When this task or sensor was run.
run_duration float The time that it took to run this task or sensor (in seconds).
run_ztime integer The time when the server statistics (the onstat -z command) were last run.
run_btime integer The time when the server was started.
run_mttime integer Internal counter of the server.

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