Tblspace tblspace entries

The tblspace tblspace describes the characteristics of tblspaces.

To display information on a tblspace, use the oncheck -pt command.
Table 1. tblspace tblspace entries
Component Description
Page header 24 bytes, standard page-header information
Page-ending time stamp 4 bytes
Tblspace header 136 bytes, general tblspace information
Tblspace name database.owner.tablename or database.owner.indexname

Typically 30-40 bytes long but can be longer, depending on the length of the name.

Column information 8 bytes for each special column

A special column is defined as a VARCHAR, BYTE, TEXT, or user-defined data type.

Index information For attached indexes, each index in the partition has a 20-byte header that contains general information about the index, followed by a 4-byte entry for each column in the index.

For detached indexes, a 4-byte entry for each column in the index.

Extent information A 10-byte entry plus 10 bytes of information for each extent that is allocated to the tblspace.

During the defragmentation of the tblspace, more bytes might be used.

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