Tracking of System Catalog Tables

The database server tracks newly created databases in the database tblspace, which resides in the root dbspace. An entry describing the database is added to the database tblspace in the root dbspace. (See Structure of the Database Tblspace.) For each system catalog table, the database server adds a one-page entry to the tblspace tblspace in the dbspace where the database was built. (See Structure of the Tblspace Tblspace.) Figure 1 illustrates the relationship between the database tblspace entry and the location of the systables system catalog table for the database.
Figure 1. New Databases
begin figure description - The figure shows an arrow pointing from an entry in the database tblspace (located in the root dbspace) to the database systables system catalog table. The systables system catalog table is located in the Dbspace, which also houses tblspaces - end figure description

For instructions on how to list your databases after you create them, see monitoring databases in the chapter on managing database-logging status in the IBM® Informix® Administrator's Guide.

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