Obtaining utility version information

Use the -V and -version options of many Informix® command-line utilities to obtain version, primarily for debugging.

The -V option displays the software version number and the serial number.

The -version option extends the -V option to display additional information about the build operation system, build number, and build date.

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>>-utility--+-utility specific options-+-----------------------><
            +- -V----------------------+   
            '- -version----------------'   

The -V and -version options cannot be used with any other utility options. For example, the onstat -version command might display the following output.

onstat -version

        Program:          onstat
    Build Version:    11.70.FC1
    Build Host:       connla
    Build OS:         SunOS 5.6
    Build Number:     009
    Build Date:       Sat Nov 20 03:38:27 CDT 2011
    GLS Version:      glslib-4.50.xC2

The onstat -V command might display the following information:

IBM Informix Version 11.70.FC1   Software Serial Number

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