oncheck -cc and-pc: Check system catalog tables

The -cc option checks system catalog tables for information about database tables, columns, indexes, views, constraints, stored procedures, and privileges.

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>>-oncheck----+- -cc-+--database-------------------------------><
              '- -pc-'               

The oncheck -cc command checks the following tables:
  • systables
  • syscolumns
  • sysindices
  • systabauth
  • syscolauth
  • sysdepend
  • syssyntable
  • sysviews
  • sysconstraints
  • sysams

If you do not specify a database name in the oncheck -cc, the command checks the listed system catalog tables for all databases.

The -pc option performs the same checks on system catalog tables and also displays the system catalog information, including the physical address, type of locking used, row size, number of keys, extent use, the number of pages allocated and used, tblspace partnum, and index use for each table.

Before you execute oncheck -cc or oncheck -pc, execute the SQL statement UPDATE STATISTICS to ensure that an accurate check occurs. To check a table, oncheck compares each system catalog table to its corresponding entry in the tblspace.

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