oncheck -ce, -pe: Check the chunk-free list

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>>-oncheck----+- -ce-+-----------------------------------------><
              '- -pe-'     

The -ce option checks each chunk-free list and corresponding free space and each tblspace extent. For more information, refer to Next-Extent Allocation and Structure of the Chunk Free-List Page, respectively. The oncheck process verifies that the extents on disk correspond to the current control information that describes them.

The -pe option performs the same checks and also displays the chunk and tblspace extent information during the check. The -ce and -pe options also check blobspaces, smart-large-object extents, and user-data and metadata information in sbspace chunks.

For information about using oncheck -ce and -pe, see managing disk space in the IBM® Informix® Administrator's Guide.

Use CHECK EXTENTS as the SQL administration API command string for oncheck -ce.

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