onmode -d: Set High Availability server characteristics

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>>-onmode -d--+-make primary--ha_alias------+-------+-+--------><
              |                             '-force-' |   
              +-| RS Secondary server commands |------+   
              '-| SD Secondary server commands |------'   

RS Secondary server commands

|--+-+-add RSS--rss_ha_alias-----+--+----------+-+--------------|
   | |                       (1) |  '-password-' |   
   | '-RSS--primary_ha_alias-----'               |   
   |                                      (2)    |   
   '-+-change RSS--rss_ha_alias--password-----+--'   
     |                          (2)           |      
     '-delete RSS--rss_ha_alias---------------'      

SD Secondary server commands

|--+-set SDS primary--ha_alias------+-------+-+-----------------|
   |                                '-force-' |   
   |                                     (2)  |   
   '-clear SDS primary--primary_ha_alias------'   

  1. Run on secondary server only.
  2. Run on primary server only.
  3. Run on primary server or secondary server.
Element Purpose Key Considerations
-d Used to create, modify, or delete secondary servers in high-availability configurations  
add RSS Adds an RS secondary server This command should be run on the primary database server.
rss_ha_alias Identifies the RS secondary database server's high-availability alias. The value can be an HA_ALIAS value or an ER group name.
password Specifies the secondary server password The password is used only during the first connection attempt. After the primary and secondary server have connected, the password cannot be changed.
RSS Sets an RS secondary server type This command should be run on the secondary database server.
pri_ha_alias Identifies the name of the primary server  
change RSS Change an RS secondary server This command should be run on the primary database server.
delete RSS Removes an RS secondary server definition This command should be run on the primary database server.
set SDS primary Defines the server as a shared disk primary server  
ha_alias The high-availability alias of the database server When used with set SDS or make primary, this is the name of the server whose role is changing.
force Used to force a change If the force option is specified, the operation is performed without requiring that the secondary server be connected to the current primary server. If the force option is not specified, the operation must be coordinated with the current primary server. The force option should be used only when the DBA is certain that the current primary server is not active; otherwise, the shared disk subsystem can become corrupted.
clear SDS primary Disables the shared disk environment. The server name specified no longer acts as an SD primary server  
make primary Creates a primary server The make primary command can be issued on any type of secondary server, including HDR secondary, RS secondary, and SD secondary servers. If make primary is run on:
  • HDR Secondary: The current primary server is shut down and the secondary is made the primary.
  • RS secondary: The server is changed to a standard server.
  • SD secondary: The server is made the new primary server.

You can also set data replication characteristics can with SQL administration API command equivalents. For more information see SQL Administration API Overview and the IBM® Informix Administrator's Guide.

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