onmode -O: Override ONDBSPACEDOWN WAIT mode

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>>-onmode-- -O-------------------------------------------------><

Element Purpose Key considerations
-O Overrides the WAIT mode of the ONDBSPACEDOWN configuration parameter None.
Use the onmode -O option only in the following circumstances:
  • A disabling I/O error occurs that causes the database server to block all updating threads.
  • You cannot or do not want to correct the problem that caused the disabling I/O error.
  • You want the database server to mark the disabled dbspace as down and continue processing.
When you execute this option, the database server marks the dbspace responsible for the disabling I/O error as down, completes a checkpoint, and releases blocked threads. Then onmode prompts you with the following message:
This will render any dbspaces which have incurred disabling I/O errors unusable 
and require them to be restored from an archive. 
Do you wish to continue?(y/n)
If onmode does not find any disabling I/O errors on noncritical dbspaces when you run the -O option, it notifies you with the following message:
There have been no disabling I/O errors on any noncritical dbspaces. 

This command has an equivalent SQL administration API function.

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