onmode -R: Regenerate .infos.dbservername File

The database server creates the .infos.dbservername file when you initialize shared memory and removes the file when you take the database server offline. This file is in the $INFORMIXDIR/etc or %INFORMIXDIR%\etc directory. The name of this file is derived from the DBSERVERNAME parameter in the ONCONFIG configuration file.

The database server uses information from the .infos.dbservername file when it accesses utilities. If the file is accidentally deleted, you must either re-create the file or shut down and restart the database server.

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>>-onmode-- -R-------------------------------------------------><

Element Purpose Key Considerations
-R Re-creates the .infos.dbservername file Before you use the -R option, set the INFORMIXSERVER environment variable to match the DBSERVERNAME parameter from the ONCONFIG file. Do not use the -R option if the INFORMIXSERVER environment variable is set to one of the DBSERVERALIASES names.

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