onmode -wf, -wm: Dynamically change certain configuration parameters

Use the onmode -wf or onmode -wm command to dynamically change specific configuration parameters.

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>>-onmode--+- -wf--config_param=value-+------------------------><
           '- -wm--config_param=value-'   

Element Purpose Key considerations
-wf Updates the value of the specified configuration parameter in the onconfig file. The DBA user must have write permission for the directory that contains the onconfig file.
-wm Dynamically sets the value of the specified configuration parameter in memory. The specified value is not preserved when the server is restarted.
config_param=value Specifies the configuration parameter and its new value. See Database configuration parameters.

To see a list of configuration parameters that you can tune dynamically with an onmode -wm or -wf command, run the onstat -g cfg tunable command.

The onmode -wf and onmode -wm commands have equivalent SQL administration API functions.

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