onmode -Z: Kill a distributed transaction

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>>-onmode-- -Z--address----------------------------------------><

Element Purpose Key considerations
-Z address Kills a distributed transaction associated with the shared-memory address address This argument must be the address of an ongoing distributed transaction that has exceeded the amount of time that TXTIMEOUT specifies. The address must conform to the operating-system-specific rules for addressing shared-memory. (The address is available from onstat -x output.)

This option is not valid until the amount of time that the ONCONFIG parameter TXTIMEOUT specifies has been exceeded. The -Z option should rarely be used and only by an administrator of a database server involved in distributed transactions.

For information on initiating independent actions in a two-phase commit protocol, see the chapter on multiphase commit protocols in the IBM® Informix® Administrator's Guide.

Distributed transactions provide the ability to query data on different database servers.

Attention: If applications are performing distributed transactions, killing one of the distributed transactions can leave your client/server database system in an inconsistent state. Try to avoid this situation.

This command has an equivalent SQL administration API function.

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