onparams -b: Add a buffer pool

Use the onparams -b command to create a buffer pool that corresponds to the page size of the dbspace.

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>>-onparams-- -b-- -g--size------------------------------------><

Element Purpose Key considerations
-b Creates a buffer pool You can add a buffer pool while the database server is running.
-g size Specifies the size in KB of the buffer pages to create

The size of the buffer pages must be 2 - 16 KB and a multiple of the default page size.

All other characteristics of the buffer pool that you create are set to the values of the fields in the default line of the BUFFERPOOL configuration parameter.

Each dbspace that you create with a non-default page size must have a corresponding buffer pool with the corresponding page size. If you create a dbspace with a page size that has no buffer pool, the system automatically creates a buffer pool based the fields in the default line of the BUFFERPOOL parameter.

When you add a buffer pool, a new entry for the BUFFERPOOL configuration parameter is added in the onconfig file.

This command has an equivalent SQL administration API function.

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