onspaces -ch: Change sbspace default specifications

Use the onspaces -ch option to change the default specifications of a sbspace.

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>>-onspaces -ch--sbspace-- -Df--default list-------------------><

Element Purpose Key Considerations
-ch Indicates that one or more sbspace default specifications are to be changed None.
sbspace Names the sbspace for which to change the default specifications Syntax must conform to the Identifier segment; see the IBM® Informix® Guide to SQL: Syntax. For background information, see changing default specifications of an sbspace with onspaces in the HCL Informix Performance Guide.
-Df default list Lists new default specifications for smart large objects stored in the sbspace Tags are separated by commas. If a tag is not present, system defaults take precedence. The list must be enclosed in double quotation marks (“) on the command line.

For a list of tags and their parameters, see Table 1.

You can change any of the -Df tags with the onspaces -ch option. The database server applies the change to each smart large object that was created prior to changing the default specification.

For example, to turn off logging for the sbspace that you created in Creating an Sbspace with the -Df option, use the following command:
onspaces -ch eg_sbsp -Df "LOGGING=OFF"
Note: After you turn on logging for an sbspace, take a level-0 backup of the sbspace to create a point from which to recover.

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