onspaces -cl: Clean up stray smart large objects in sbspaces

Use the onspaces -cl option to clean up stray smart large objects in sbspaces.

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>>-onspaces -cl--sbspace---------------------------------------><

Element Purpose Key Considerations
-cl Cleans up stray smart large objects in an sbspace To find any stray smart large objects, use the oncheck -pS command when no users are connected to the database server. The smart large objects with a reference count of 0 are stray objects.
sbspace Names the sbspace to be cleaned up Syntax must conform to the Identifier segment; see the IBM® Informix® Guide to SQL: Syntax.

During normal operation, no unreferenced (stray) smart large objects should exist. When you delete a smart large object, the space is released. If the database server fails or runs out of system memory while you are deleting a smart large object, the smart large object might remain as a stray object.

The following is an example of the onspaces -cl command:
onspaces -cl myspace

The best way to find the reference count for a smart large object is to call the mi_lo_stat or ifx_lo_stat functions from a C program. Although the mi_lo_increfcount and mi_lo_decrefcount functions return the reference count, they increment or decrement the reference count. For more information on these functions, see the IBM Informix DataBlade API Function Reference.

This command has an equivalent SQL administration API function.

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