Renaming a dbspace, blobspace, sbspace, or extspace when Enterprise Replication is active

You can rename a space (dbspace, blobspace, sbspace, or extspace) when Enterprise Replication is active.

When you put the database server into quiescent mode to rename the space, Enterprise Replication will be disconnected. You can then rename the space. The servers will resynchronize after you put the database server into online mode.

If you want to rename the same space on another server, you must put that server into quiescent mode and rename the space separately. No enforced relationship is propagated between renamed spaces on different ER servers; the same tables can be in different spaces.

If the Enterprise Replication server also participates in High-Availability Data Replication (HDR), you can rename the dbspace on the primary server and it will be automatically propagate to the secondary server. (The secondary server cannot participate in Enterprise Replication.)

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