Monitor the database server status

To monitor the database server status, view the heading of the onstat command.

Whenever the database server is blocked, onstat displays the following line after the banner line:
Blocked: reason

The variable reason can be one or more of the following values.

Reason Description
ADMINISTRATION Database is in administration mode
ARCHIVE Ongoing storage-space backup
ARCHIVE_EBR Blocked for External Backup and Recovery.
CHG_PLOG Blocked while physical log is being changed.
CKPT Checkpoint
CKPT INP Interval checkpoint in progress
DBS_DROP Dropping a dbspace
DDR Discrete data replication
DYNAMIC_LOG Log file is being added dynamically
DYNAMIC_LOG_FOR_ER Log file is being added dynamically in ER setup
FREE_LOG Log file is being freed
HA_CONV_STD Blocked while High Availability server is being converted to standard server.
HA_FAILOVER Blocked while High Availability server failover being processed.
HANG_SYSTEM Database server failure
LAST_LOG_RESERVED4BACKUP Waiting for last available log to be backed up
LBU Logs full high-watermark
LOG_DROP Log file is being dropped
LONGTX Long transaction
MEDIA_FAILURE Media failure
OVERRIDE_DOWN_SPACE Waiting to override down dbspace setting because the ONDBSPACEDOWN onconfig parameter is set to WAIT

In this table, the value CHKP INP does not indicate that the database server is blocked, but that a nonblocking interval checkpoint is in progress while the buffer pool is being flushed. This CHKP INP value appears in the status line of onstat output until all pages in the shared-memory buffer pool have been written to disk. For information about setting interval checkpoints to flush the buffer pool, see the CKPTINTVL configuration parameter.

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