onstat -D command: Print page-read and page-write information

Use the onstat -D command to display page-read and page-write information for the first 50 chunks in each space.

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>>-onstat-- -D-------------------------------------------------><

Example output

Figure 1. onstat -D command output
address  number   flags      fchunk   nchunks pgsize  flags    owner    name
a40d7d8  1        0x1        1        1       2048    N        informix rootdbs
 1 active, 2047 maximum

address  chunk/dbs  offset     page Rd  page Wr  pathname
a40d928  1      1   0          0        0        /work/11.1/dbspaces/stardbs3
 1 active, 2047 maximum

Expanded chunk capacity mode: disabled

Output description

The output of onstat -D is almost identical to the output of onstat -d. The following columns are unique to onstat -D. For information on the other output columns see onstat -d command: Print chunk information.
page Rd
Is the number of pages read
page Wr
Is the number of pages written

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