onstat -g dic command: Print table information

Use the onstat -g dic command to display a line of information about each table that is cached in the shared-memory dictionary. If you specify a table name, this command prints internal SQL information about that particular table.

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>>-onstat-- -g--dic--------------------------------------------><

Example output

Figure 1. onstat -g dic command output
Dictionary Cache:  Number of lists: 31, Maximum list size: 10                  
list#  size  refcnt  dirty?  heapptr        table name                         
   1     3      1      no     14b5d890   wbe@oninit_shm:informix.t0010url      
                1      no     14cbb820   wbe@oninit_shm:informix.t9051themeval 
                0      no     14b63c20   wbe@oninit_shm:informix.t0060hits     
   2     2      0      no     14b97420   wbe@oninit_shm:informix.t0120import   
                1      no     14b6c820   wbe@oninit_shm:informix.t9110domain   
   3     3      0      no     14bce020   wbe@oninit_shm:informix.t0150url      
                0      no     14d3d820   contact@oninit_shm:informix.wbtags    
                0      no     14c87420   wbe@oninit_shm:informix.wbtags        
   4     1      0      no     14b7a420   drug@oninit_shm:abcdef.product      ..
Total number of dictionary entries: 36

Output description

Data dictionary hash chain ID
Number of entries in this hash
Number of SQL statements currently referencing one of the cache entries.
Whether the entry has been modified since last written to disk.
Address for the heap used to store this table
table name
Name of table in cache

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