onstat -g dis command: Print database server information

Use the onstat -g dis command to display a list of database servers, the status of each server, and information about each server, including the location of the INFORMIXDIR directory, sqlhosts file, and ONCONFIG file. You can use this command in any database server mode, including offline.

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>>-onstat-- -g--dis--------------------------------------------><

Example output

Figure 1. onstat -g dis command output
There are 2 servers found
Server        : ol_tuxedo
Server Number : 53
Server Type   : IDS
Server Status : Up
Server Version: IBM Informix Version 11.50.UC1
Shared Memory : 0xa000000
INFORMIXDIR   : /local1/engines/ol_tuxedo/dist
ONCONFIG      : /local1/engines/ol_tuxedo/dist/etc/onconfig.ol_tuxedo
SQLHOSTS      : /local1/engines/ol_tuxedo/dist/etc/sqlhosts
Host          : avocet

Server        : ol_9next
Server Number : 0
Server Type   : IDS
Server Status : Down
Server Version: 
Shared Memory : 0
INFORMIXDIR   : /local1/engines/ol_9next/dist
ONCONFIG      : 
Host          : 

Output description

Server name
Server Number
Number of the server.
Server Type
Type of server
Server Status
Up means that the server is online, Down means that the server is offline
Server Version
Version of the server
Shared Memory
Location of the shared memory address
Location of the $INFORMIXDIR/ directory on UNIX and in the %INFORMIXDIR%\ directory on Windows.
Location of the ONCONFIG file
Location of the sqlhosts file
Host name of the server

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