onstat -g ffr command: Print free fragments

Use the onstat -g ffr command to display information about the free memory fragments for a specified session or shared-memory pool.

This command requires an additional argument to specify either a pool name or session ID whose memory pool information is to be displayed. Each session is allocated a memory pool with the same name as the session ID. Use the onstat -g mem command to identify the pool name and the onstat -g ses command to identify the session ID.

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>>-onstat-- -g--ffr--+-pool name-+-----------------------------><

Example output

Figure 1. onstat -g ffr aio command output
Free lists for pool name aio:
addr      size      idx
165dcfa0  96        10
1659cf68  152       17
165b2f20  224       26
165c7f20  224       26
1666ec38  968       79
149f2ba0  1120      84

Output description

addr (hexadecimal)
Memory address of the pool fragment.
size (decimal)
Size, in bytes, of the pool fragment.
idx (decimal)
For internal use. Index in the array of free list pointers.

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