onstat -g lap command: Print light appends status information

Use the onstat -g lap command to display information about the status of light appends occurring in the system.

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>>-onstat-- -g--lap--------------------------------------------><

Example output

Figure 1. onstat -g lap command output
Light Append Info
session id  address   cur_ppage   la_npused   la_ndata    la_nrows    bufcnt
31          b60a5e8   ffbff494    2938        2937        93990       4

Output description

Session id (decimal)
Session ID performing the light append operation
address (hexadecimal)
Address of the light append buffer
cur_ppage (hexadecimal)
Current® physical page address
la_npused (decimal)
Number of pages allocated
la_ndata (decimal)
Number of data pages appended
la_nrows (decimal)
Number of rows appended
bufcnt (decimal)
Number of light append buffers

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