onstat -g lmx command: Print all locked mutexes

Use the onstat -g lmx command to display information about all locked mutexes.

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>>-onstat-- -g--lmx--------------------------------------------><

Example output

Figure 1. onstat -g lmx command output
Locked mutexes:
mid      addr             name               holder   lkcnt  waiter   waittime
119006   7000001e684b928  td_mutex           298      0     
134825   7000002043a9148  free_lock          11009    0      200      22921   
                                                             11010    22918   
587817   70000022ddb3268  sync_lock1         200      0     
593614   700000239ce7b68  SB_LTH_LATCH       875      0 

Number of mutexes on VP free lists: 49  

Output description

Internal mutex identifier
Address of locked mutex
Name of the mutex
Thread ID of the thread that is holding the mutex
0 = The read/write mutex is held in shared mode
For a read/write mutex, the current number of threads that are locking the mutex in shared mode. For a relockable mutex, the number of times the mutex was locked or relocked by the thread that is holding the mutex.
List of IDs of the threads that are waiting for this mutex
Amount of time in seconds that the thread is waiting

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