onstat -g lsc command: Print active light scan status (deprecated)

The onstat -g lsc command has been superseded by the onstat -g scn command.

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>>-onstat-- -g--lsc--------------------------------------------><

Example output

Figure 1. onstat -g lsc command output
Light Scan Info
descriptor  address           next_lpage  next_ppage        ppage_left  bufcnt  look_aside
3           474b74b0          4a0         7e2c80            416         1            N

Output description

descriptor (decimal)
Light scan ID
address (hex)
Memory address of the light scan descriptor
next_lpage (hex)
Next logical page address to scan
next_ppage (hex)
Next physical page address to scan
ppage_left (decimal)
Number of physical pages left to scan in the current extent
#bufcnt (decimal)
Number of light scan buffers used for this light scan
#look_aside (char)
Whether look aside is needed for this light scan (Y = yes, N = no). Look asides occur when a thread needs to examine the buffer pool for existing pages to obtain the latest image of a page being light scanned.

Use the onstat -g scn command to display the status of a current scan, based on rows scanned on compressed tables, tables with rows that are larger than a page, and tables with VARCHAR, LVARCHAR, and NVARCHAR data. For more information, see onstat -g scn command: Print scan information.

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