onstat -g stk command: Print thread stack

Use the onstat -g stk tid command to display the stack of the thread specified by thread ID.

This option is not supported on all platforms and is not always accurate.

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>>-onstat-- -g--stk -tid---------------------------------------><

Example output

Figure 1. onstat -g stk tid command output
Stack for thread: 2 adminthd
 base: 0x000000010aad5028
  len:   33280
   pc: 0x00000001002821e8
  tos: 0x000000010aadc621
state: running
   vp: 2

0x1002821e8 oninit :: yield_processor + 0x260 sp=0x10aadce20(0x10ac834d0, 0x0, 0x1, 
   0x100000000, 0xc8a000, 0x100c8a000)
0x100274e38 oninit :: wake_periodic + 0xdc sp=0x10aadced0 delta_sp=176(0x41b0, 0xc7a024bc, 
   0x0, 0x41c4, 0x10aacf598, 0x90)
0x100274fcc oninit :: admin_thread + 0x108 sp=0x10aadcf80 delta_sp=176(0x0, 0x2328, 
   0xd26c00, 0x5, 0xc8a000, 0x156c)
0x1002484ec oninit :: startup + 0xd8 sp=0x10aadd050 delta_sp=208(0xa, 0x10aad47d0, 
   0x10aad47d0, 0x100db1988, 0xd1dc00, 0x1)

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