onstat -g ufr command: Print memory pool fragments

Use the onstat -g ufr command to display a list of the fragments that are currently in use in the specified memory pool.

This command requires an additional argument to specify either a pool name or session ID whose memory pool information is to be displayed. Each session is allocated a memory pool with the same name as the session ID. Use the onstat -g mem command to identify the pool name and the onstat -g ses command to identify the session ID.

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>>-onstat-- -g--ufr--+-pool name-+-----------------------------><

Memory pools are broken into fragments for various uses. With the onstat -g ufr command it is possible to see a list of these fragments showing their respective sizes in bytes and the type of information they contain. The information provided is generally used by Technical Support to assist in the analysis of a reported problem.

Example output for a specified pool name

Figure 1. onstat -g ufr global command output for a specified pool name
Memory usage for pool name global:
size       memid
1736       overhead
23544      mcbmsg
72         messages
33112      osenv
25432      rsam
88         shmblklist
5170664    net

Example output for a specified session ID

The following example shows the output for session ID 6.

Figure 2. onstat -g ufr command output for a specified session ID
Memory usage for pool name 6:
size       memid
3256       overhead
144        scb
2968       ostcb
18896      sqscb
3312       opentable
72         sql
808        filetable
352        fragman
552        hashfiletab
1584       gentcb
12096      log
2960       sqtcb
2928       osenv
720        keys
224        rdahead
16248      temprec

Output description

size (decimal)
Size, in bytes, of the pool fragment.
memid (string)
Name of the pool fragment.

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