onstat -g wai command: Print wait queue thread list

Use the onstat -g wai command to display a list of the threads in the system that are currently in the wait queue and not currently executing. The output is sorted by thread ID.

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>>-onstat-- -g--wai--------------------------------------------><

Example output

Figure 1. onstat -g wai command output
Waiting threads:
 tid     tcb             rstcb            prty status                vp-      name
 2       46b1ea40         0                1    IO Idle                 5lio        lio vp 0
 3       46b3dc58         0                1    IO Idle                 6pio        pio vp 0
 4       46b5dc58         0                1    IO Idle                 7aio        aio vp 0
 5       46b7cc58         0                1    IO Idle                 8msc        msc vp 0
 6       46b1ed10         460f5028         1    sleeping secs: 1        3cpu        main_loop()
 9       46d0d6e0         0                1    sleeping forever        1cpu        soctcplst
 10      46d70b48         0                1    sleeping forever        3cpu        sm_listen
 11      46e5d9a0         0                1    sleeping secs: 1        3cpu        sm_discon
 12      46e5dc70         460f5820         1    sleeping secs: 1        3cpu        flush_sub(0)
 13      46e8a5a8         460f6018         1    sleeping secs: 1        3cpu        aslogflush
 14      46fe8148         460f6810         1    sleeping secs: 41       3cpu        btscanner_0
 15      46fe84a8         0                1    IO Idle                10aio        aio vp 1
 16      46fe8778         460f7008         1    sleeping secs: 1        1cpu        onmode_mon
 36      47531960         460f7ff8         1    sleeping secs: 253      3cpu        dbScheduler
 37      47531c30         460f87f0         1    sleeping forever        4cpu        dbWorker1
 38      47491028         460f7800         1    sleeping forever        4cpu        dbWorker2

Output description

tid (decimal)
Thread ID
tcb (hex)
In-memory address of the thread control block
rstcb (hex)
In-memory address of the RSAM thread control block
prty (decimal)
Thread priority. Higher numbers represent higher priorities
status (string)
Current® status of the thread
vp- (decimal and string)
Virtual processor integer ID of the VP on which the thread last ran, concatenated with the name of the VP upon which the thread runs
name (string)
Name of the thread

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