onstat -m command: Print recent system message log information

Use the onstat -m command to display the 20 most recent lines of the system message log.

You can use the onstat -m command option with the database server in any mode, including offline.

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>>-onstat-- -m-------------------------------------------------><

Example output

Output from this command lists the full pathname of the message log file and the 20 file entries. A date-and-time header separates the entries for each day. A time stamp prefaces single entries within each day. The name of the message log is specified as MSGPATH in the ONCONFIG file.

Figure 1. onstat -m command output
Message Log File: /work/11.50/dbspaces/star3.log
11:26:33  Checkpoint Completed:  duration was 0 seconds.
11:26:33  Checkpoint loguniq 1, logpos 0x23c408, timestamp: 0x2cc2 Interval: 9  

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