Customizing the ALARMPROGRAM Scripts

You can customize the ALARMPROGRAM scripts based on your environment.

The mail utility must already be present.

Follow these steps to customize the alarmprogram.[sh|bat] script. You can use alarmprogram.[sh|bat] instead of log_full.[sh|bat] to automate log backups.

To customize the ALARMPROGRAM scripts:

  1. Change the value of ADMINMAIL to the email address of the database server administrator.
  2. Change the value of PAGERMAIL to the pager service email address.
  3. Set the value of the parameter MAILUTILITY.
    • UNIX: /usr/bin/mail
    • Windows: $INFORMIXDIR/bin/ntmail.exe
    • Linux: /usr/lib/sendmail -t
  4. To automatically back up logical logs as they fill, change BACKUP to yes. To stop automatic log backups, change BACKUP to any value other than yes.
  5. In the ONCONFIG file, set ALARMPROGRAM to the full pathname of alarmprogram.[sh|bat].
  6. Restart the database server.

Alarms with a severity of 1 or 2 do not write any messages to the message log nor send email. Alarms with severity of 3 or greater send email to the database administrator. Alarms with severity of 4 and 5 also notify a pager via email.

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