RESTORE_POINT_DIR configuration parameter

Use the RESTORE_POINT_DIR configuration parameter to change the path name of the directory where restore point files will be placed during a failed upgrade to a new version of the server. HCL Informix® will store restore point files in a subdirectory of the specified directory, with the server number as the subdirectory name, only if the CONVERSION_GUARD configuration parameter is enabled.

onconfig.std value
Complete path name for a directory
takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.


You can change the directory, for example, if you think that the $INFORMIXDIR/tmp directory does not have enough space for restore point data. If you want to change the directory, you must change it before you initiate an upgrade to a new version of the server. You cannot change the directory during an upgrade.

The directory specified in the RESTORE_POINT_DIR configuration parameter must be empty when an upgrade begins. If the directory contains any restore point files from a previous upgrade, you must remove the files before a new upgrade begins a new restore point.


The empty directory is a prerequisite before doing the upgrade, not when recovering from a failed upgrade. After a failed upgrade, do not empty the RESTORE_POINT_DIR directory before you attempt to run the onrestorept utility.

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