MIRRORPATH configuration parameter

Use the MIRRORPATH configuration parameter to specify the full path name of the mirrored chunk for the initial chunk of the root dbspace.

onconfig.std value
On UNIX: $INFORMIXDIR/tmp/demo_on.root_mirror

On Windows: None

65 or fewer characters
takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.


The MIRRORPATH should be a link to the chunk path name of the actual mirrored chunk for the same reasons that ROOTPATH is specified as a link. Similarly, select a short path name for the mirrored chunk.

You must set the permissions of the file that MIRRORPATH specifies to 660. The owner and group must both be informix.

If you use raw disk space for your mirror chunk on a UNIX platform, it is recommended that you define MIRRORPATH as a path name that is a link to the initial chunk of the mirror dbspace, instead of entering the actual device name for the initial chunk.

To start mirroring data on a database server that is not running with the mirroring function enabled:
  1. Take the database server offline.
  2. Change the MIRROR configuration parameter to 1 and leave the MIRRORPATH configuration parameter blank.
  3. Bring the database server online.
  4. Allocate disk space for the mirror chunks. You can allocate this disk space at any time, however, the disk space must be available when you specify mirror chunks in the next step. The mirror chunks must be on a different disk than the corresponding primary chunks.
  5. Specify the onspaces -m option to start mirroring for a dbspace, blobspace, or sbspace. You must begin with the root dbspace. After the root dbspace command is successfully run, the MIRRORPATH value is set automatically by the server.

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