onstat -g sym command: Print symbol table information for the oninit utility

Use the onstat -g sym command to display symbol table information for the oninit utility.

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>>-onstat-- -g--sym--------------------------------------------><

Example output

Figure 1. onstat -g sym command output

The following example shows the first few lines from the output:

Table for oninit has 23378 entries
    Initial value for -base-: 0x0
        0x3451e0 _start
        0x345300 .ld_int
        0x345348 .ld_llong
        0x3453dc .ld_float
        0x345428 .ld_double
        0x3454c4 .st_int
        0x3454fc .st_llong
        0x34556c .st_float
        0x3455c0 .st_double
        0x34565c .st_float_foreff
        0x345694 .st_double_foreff
        0x345718 main
        0x34c2ac get_cfgfile
        0x34c2fc is_server_alias

Output description

The onstat -g sym command displays the relative in-memory address and name of symbols (functions and variables) in the oninit utility.

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